Benefits of Humidity

  • Positive Health Benefits
  • Good for Wood Interiors
  • Energy Savings
  • Reduces Static Electricity
  • Minimize Dust & Bacteria
  • Good for Pets and Indoor Plants

Significantly improve the air quality in your home by raising the relative humidity to gain several positive health benefits. In cold climates, increased moisture in the air relieves dry skin and lips, sinusitis, itchy eyes and throat, asthma, allergies and can even assist in reducing snoring. Moist air also reduces the presence of dust, viruses as well as bacteria – making your home a healthier environment for the whole family – young and old and whether they are healthy or sick. In addition, plants will thrive, wood furniture, accessories and wooden musical instruments will last longer and there’s no more unpleasant static electricity. You will save money with lower temperature settings because humid air feels warmer.

Humidifying has significant positive benefits!

The Challenges with Conventional Room Humidifiers

Quite simply, conventional room humidifiers are noisy, prone to breakdowns, expensive to maintain, consume much more than required water and need electricity to run. All the room humidifiers available on the market today run on electricity which adds approximately $25 - $30 to consumers’ annual energy bills and these humidifiers typically cost from $50 - $250 per unit.


When some room humidifier make the humming noise from the electric motor fan others annoy with the sound of boiling or vibrating water. Such room humidifiers are prone to breakdowns and can turn out to be difficult to maintain and expensive to purchase parts and avail services. Most of these floor models occupy valuable floor space they and has to be placed near a power outlet. And with electricity comes safety; you need to unplug them when you leave your home letting the humidity level drop. Though most comes with auto shut off systems there are incidents of unit and property damage when left unattended. While with heating elements and hot steam involved most of such electric humidifiers are not recommended in kids’ room or has to be placed away from children’s reach and fine dust created by ultrasonic humidifiers are not recommended for persons with lung conditions.  

Advantages of Rumidifier

Rumidifier is Canada’s first eco-friendly and Green Humidifier in the market!
The innovation behind Rumidifier Home Products is impressive. The Rumidifier is a brand new technological breakthrough for residential home humidifying solutions and is the proud winner of many awards since its inception; starting with the 2012 Ottawa Entrepreneur Exploriem Network - Green Product Award  for Best New Eco-friendly Technology.

Rumidifier leverages a simple concept - re-using existing air flow in the room and from forced air furnaces to add moisture to the air – the innovative engineering and design of Rumidifier products addresses the current challenges customers have with conventional home humidifiers. It has zero operating cost because it does not run on electricity. With no electric motor or moving parts it operates silently and will never break down.

The innovative Rumidifier humidifying technology is the most cost effective solution to improving the air quality in your home and there is no other solution like it available in the market. Rumidifier raises the relative humidity of a room by 15 – 25% by recycling and re-using the forced air furnace flow to deliver moisture to the air. As these units works in sync with your HVAC system Rumidifying never under-humidify or over-humidify your rooms and as there is no electricity or heating involved, it is absolutely safe especially in kids’ rooms.  Rumidifier produces pure humidity and is safe for persons with lung disorders.

Cordless, compact and lightweight, while the Rumidifier RD10 and RD30 installs quickly and easily over any room floor and wall vent, the model RD40 solves humidifying issues where vents are not available in a room or in constrictive spaces and adds to your decor. Rumidifier room humidifiers very affordable and lower than the cost of conventional room humidifiers. 




  • Zero Operating Cost
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Low maintenance
  • Affordable & Durable
  • Green & Sustainable Product
  • Cordless, Compact & Lightweight
  • Operates Safely & Noise-Free
  • Easy to Install & Maintain
  • Two  Water Tanks
  • Multi-Purpose
  • Fits Any Décor
  • A Canadian First