Rumidifier RD10

Retail Price $39.95
Color :

Rumidifier RD10/RD06 Replacement filter
Retail Price $12.95
Rumidifier RD30
Retail Price $39.95
Replacement filter for Rumidifier RD 30
Retail Price $15.95
Personal Rumidifier RD40
Retail Price $19.95
Car and Personal Humidifier RD 60
Retail Price $24.95

The Rumidifier Home Comfort product line has three patent pending products to solve your home humidifying requirements. The Rumidifier, room humidifier Central Furnace Humidifier and Wall Vent humidifier which work in tandem to provide a complete home humidifying solution.

Floor vent Rumidifier
Retail Price
Price: $39.95

Wall vent Rumidfier
RD 30
Suggested Retail
Price: $39.95

Decorative pot humidifier
Rumidifier RD40
Suggested Retail
Price: $15.95

Central furnace

Don’t Humidify, Rumidify!

The innovative Rumidifier humidifying solution works around the principle of recycling the air flow from forced air furnaces to deliver moisture into the room quietly and efficiently.  For forced air HVAC systems we offer eco-friendly humidifying solution for floor vents and wall vents; and our free standing decorative pot humidifier is best for small spaces like office cubicles and spa rooms where finding a vent would be almost impossible. None of Rumidifier products requires electricity or battery to operate. Cordless, compact and lightweight, the Rumidifier humidifiers installs quickly and easily. Or simply attach the Rumidifier Central Furnace unit to work with Rumidifier room humidifiers for a complete humidifying solution. All Rumidifier Home Humidifier products are priced at very affordable range. 

Get a Rumidifier and start saving today with very affordable retail price and every day energy savings.

Where to Buy?

You can also do online purchases from here  , Home Depot webstore,,, and Rumidifier Home Comfort products will soon be available in several other retail locations. To see updates on where and when, please check our website or follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates.

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International Customers

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