Founded in 2011, Rumidifier Home Comforts Inc. is a Canadian Controlled Private Corporation (CCPC) headquartered in Ottawa, Canada. The Company has two patents pending for its new and unique technology for enabling room humidifying to be eco-friendly and energy efficient. The products use no electricity or Hydro to operate and work by re-using the existing air flow.

The Company is currently offering the Room Humidifier for floor vents, Room humidifier for wall vents, decorative personal Pot humidifier and the Central Furnace Humidifier. Rumidifier Home Comfort products are competitively priced, eco-friendly, noise-free and use no electricity to operate. The compact, easy to install design makes them the first choice for improving the air quality in dry climate homes.

Designed in Canada in collaboration with a leading industrial design firm, Design 1st, the Company continuously looks to improve its current design as well as to expand its home comfort product line.  To maintain our vision of being a 'eco- friendly and Green product' company, we use durable materials and created modular design for Rumidifier products to make sure that the product does not break down and add to the land fill. Wick component used in our products are bio-degradable materials as well. With both manufacturing in India and Ontario, Canada, the Company currently markets and sells its innovative Rumidifier home comfort products to customers in North America.

Rumidifier RD10 launched into market in the fall of 2013 and soon became the top rated and top selling humidifier in Home Depot, Canada. Rumidifier can be purchased from following stores in North America. 

You can also do online purchases from here or Home Depot webstore. Rumidifier Home Comfort products will soon be available in several other retail locations. To see updates on where and when, please check our website or follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates.

Both a serial inventor and entrepreneur, the founder of Rumidifier Home Comforts leads a dedicated team of engineers, manufacturing and marketing experts who strive constantly to exceed customer and partner expectations.