Sales Opportunities


You can also do online purchases from here or Home Depot webstore. Rumidifier Home Comfort products will soon be available in several other retail locations. To see updates on where and when, please check our website or follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates.

If you are interested in purchasing a Rumidifier product, please call (613) 686 5001 or email to receive an update on where and when you can purchase from retail locations.

Distributors and Retailers

The Rumidifier is currently being released in North America. If you are interested to become a distributor or retailer, please call at (613) 686 5001 or email

International Customers

If you are outside North America and are interested in becoming a distributor or retailer, call at (613) 686 5001 or email


For Channel Partners

Rumidifier is now available in North America’s #1 Home Improvement chain – Home Depot, Home Hardware, Preston Harware and Terra 20, largest Eco store in North America.The Company is currently looking for retail partners and distribution channels to expand its home comfort products into new markets.

Rumidifier Home Comforts welcomes inquiries from original equipment and/or design manufacturers, private label brands, distributors and retailers for trade and licensing opportunities.

Humidifiers benefit the population of 1.2Billion living in cold countries in the Northern hemisphere (North America + Europe). The number of households is 350Million with 140Million in North America alone. According to Frost and Sullivan ( in 2011, the North American Humidifier market was equivalent to $119.7Million with a 5.1% growth rate per year. The emerging consumer trend is to use green or eco-friendly options

The Rumidifier Room and Central Furnace Humidifiers are green, eco-friendly options, fitting perfectly into what the current consumer is looking for. The products are low cost, unique and great additions to any current product mix as well as complementary, profitable selections in any retailers’ existing humidifier product lines. Requiring less shelf space than conventional humidifiers, the Rumidifier Home Humidifier is compact and lightweight. Multiple units of the Rumidifier Home Humidifier can be sold to each household and shortly, the Central Furnace unit will be available to complete the total humidifying solution. In addition, there is NO direct competition – the Humidifier products enjoy an opportunity to gain market leadership.

If you are interested in exploring opportunities with Rumidifier to distribute or sell Rumidifier products in your stores or web site, please email